What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a research methodology used to measure and improve the quality of the customer service experience provided by retail outlets. Mystery Shopping gives companies results on the performance of the customer-related functions of their business.

Secret shopping cart is a world leader in Mystery Shopping and has organized over 14 million mystery shops for some of the world's largest brands.

We recruit and train people like you to be a "Mystery Shopper". You then go to one of our clients' stores and act as a customer, making enquiries or legitimately shopping for products. You will then complete an online survey about your experience and are rewarded by Secret shopping cart with cash payments, purchase discounts, and/or reimbursements.
You have been selected for an assignment as a Detective Shopper in your area And you will earn $198 per Shopping/evaluation. Your part time employment packet will include funds for the shopping A full job description will be sent to you before your assignment. Only interested applicants should respond.

This position requires you to use the computer so you must be familiar with how to work one. Work outdoors, in customer service, and talk to people ! Applicants should enjoy a fast-paced team oriented environment! Applicants must be able to speak and understand English , Honest and Detailed Oriented

Details on Survey:
1) How long it took you to get services.
2) Efficiency of the attendant.
3) Customer service professionalism.
Locations of Survey ( Wal-Mart,  Western Union and Money Gram )
It keeps changing, survey will start from Wal-mart, Western Union, Money Gram, Restaurant, Victoria Secrets. etc

This survey can be handled in your spare time. You will be receiving Payment for your Evaluation as soon as your Information is received and you are hereby advised to always check your email SPAM/BULK Messages for updates and also make sure you include your Mobile phone number for Text Alert. You would be given full details of every activity you have to carry out and your payment would be included in your acceptance mail. Apply to join our panel and get paid to shop, enjoy leisure activities and directly influence which products gets developed to meet consumers demands.

To participate in assignments, please fill the requested application below: